Often we women, keep on cribing about our body part/ parts which we don’t like. It might be our nose, or stomach or hips, or thighs  and many a times we are ashamed of some of our body parts like underarms, or inner thigh areas or even our calf legs or toe fingers.
One can accept your body then only when you are convinced of what you have is the best.
Work on it but don’t shy, accept it , love it.
Unless and until you love it and accept it, you will feel uncomfortable with what you wear and that will lead to low confidence on your appearance and also will reflect on your behavior.
So let us make a point to touch  the body parts ( which we don’t like) and say – I love you….
That touch should be given by using our palms – palms have the best healing powers .
And see the miracle that happens.
Accept your body and love it to the core.
Let’s believe in the Kurkure Slogan – Teda hai , par mera hai.
-Riddhi Doshi Patel, Founder, LAJA

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